Sabrina Daolio

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Sabrina Daolio

When did you start competing our sport?
Started OCR, triathlons and trail running end of October 2014 (this year focused on trail running and ocr)
What made you decide to choose the sport you did?
Went to watch the elites compete in Nationals last year and it looked incredibly hard but exciting- something that would challenge me in every aspect because I didnt have a propper sporting background... I wanted to do something completely different. I love the the fact that OCR can be related to your own life in many aspect as you have to constantly push yourself in life and overcome daily obstacles...
Goals for 2015?
-Finish every race with my band on
-Gain upper body strength (so I can also successfully complete cliff hanger and tougher breaking point obstacles)
-Use this opperation (a set back) to motivate me to work harder to catch up lost time so I have a stronger comback (and gives me time to work on my upper body strength)
-Not let the opinion of others affect me- focus on running my OWN race- but mostly learning to believe in myself
-Prepare my mind and body for next year (use this year as a foundation to also gain experience), finish my degree so that next year sp that I can put racing and training as my priority in 2016 (work towards World champs next year with the ultimate goal of placing podium)
Dream race?
OCR World champs 2016
Competing in a Toughest race overseas (even if its in Italy)
Best tip ever given?
The body achieves what the mind believes.
To focus on myself and not compare myself to others- but to rather be better than the person I was yesterday... work for progress, not perfection.
Run my own race- and whatever the result- All the Glory to God.
Favourite post-race treat?
Banana bread
Favorite quote?
It never gets easier, you just get better!- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil. 4:13)

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